Friday 2 April 2010

All black

Friday 26th March was the day I had planned to go to the NEC for a meet up with some of my MSE crafty mates and a stash spend. Sadly due to 'circumstances beyond my control' I didn't make it this time but still had the day off work. I did miss them and the fun, the spending and all the chatting and demos so was a bit sad!

I decided to bake another carrot cake for the family as the last one had gone down fairly well on DH's birthda,y except for the walnuts so I left them out. I somehow managed to set the oven completely wrong so it was on top and bottom heating and after a short time I smelt burning and opened the oven door (big mistake!) The kitchen filled with smoke, the alarm went off and I found this very sad looking lump of charcoal in my baking tin!
I tried to salvage it but sadly there was very little that could be eaten! The burnt and blackened remains were given to the birds but even my feathered friends are not keen! It did make me laugh (after I had finally got rid of the smell of smoke!)


  1. Oh Dear! I thought it was only me that did things like that.......

  2. Bless you, we so missed you at the NEC, I have sent a lil something to you, hope it gets to you soon xxx

  3. Oh dear, never mind, we all have days like that, at least you laughed, your birds are more picky than you thought x

  4. Oh no fluffy !!! What a shame that it burnt.
    See you all try and have cake day without the NEC14 and see what happens ;o) We did miss you xx