Sunday 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Sunday full of hot cross buns, Simnel cake, choccie eggs and all the other traditional goodies!
This is our Easter/Spring cat Tinker in the daffodils. I did take a couple of pictures of DD, the cat and the Daffs but she was not keen on them so I decided not to blog those snaps.
Do you celebrate Easter in any particular way? We often have an Easter party but we have been away this Easter and I have to work quite a few days in the next couple of weeks so I haven't managed to fit one in. I have a couple of chocolate eggs for the children and gave them each a t shirt too. I did make a few Easter baskets in a couple of different styles for friends/teachers/school. Simply made out of yellow card and filled with orange shred, mini creme and chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies! I really enjoyed making these but was a bit lazy about decorating them!


  1. Love the different styles of baskets you have made Fluffy !! All my boys are at the coast with my mum. So a lazy day here filled with roast lamb and crafting :O)
    Hope you have a lovely day and dont eat too much Choccy xx

  2. Having a big,delicious,traditional Easter tea....about 15 of us...loads of home baked goodies.
    Happy Easter to you.

  3. Lovely baskets missus. We were at the safari park all day yesterday so has Easter dinner of roast lamb today, it was lush if I say so myself ;-)

  4. Hello my dear :-) Just had a lovely catch up on your blog after my time away - love the variety of your posts, photo of the day, cards, layouts, chattiness - love it! Hope you had a fab Easter :-) Ours was lower key than usual this year having just got back - I didn't even make it to church :-( No Simnel cake for me either because of the nut allergy, but there was chocolate - oh, there was chocolate!! ;-)