Thursday 1 April 2010

Fantastic Thursday

I am blogging a week behind at the moment but I had to tell you about the great day I had last week. I had been a bit miserable at the beginning of the week as work is tough at the moment with all the politics, if I could just do the job itself it would be so much easier. I was worrying a bit about DH and job finding and at book club I was the only non drinker and was tired and very grumpy by the end of the night!
But on Thursday everything seemed to go so well.....

this may partly be because it was my last day at work for 2 weeks (yippeeee!) DH had said I needed a holiday and I think he was right! At fat club for the weigh in I had lost 8lbs! WOW! We also had the 'draw' for our monthly motivation cash prize and amazingly I won so doubly exciting and over £20 treat money for me! I was shocked to lose so much weight but had eaten very little that day (so now lost over a stone since the end of Jan). We hadn't had any dinner so we all had bacon/bacon and egg rolls, choccy biscuits and I had some wine to celebrate!
I also finished a book, another Phillipa Gregory but I do find them an interesting read and my knowledge of the Tudors is rapidly improving
I always try and read more when I am on leave from work so I am currently trying to decide what books to read during the Easter break, I always have several on my bookshelf so I am looking forward to having a good rummage and read!


  1. Well done on the weight loss....and on the prize.

  2. Wow!! Fab weight loss, well done hun!!

  3. Wow what a fantastic weightloss, Fluffy !! Well Done you.... Lets hope that things carry on getting better for you xx

  4. Fabby weight loss missus, huge well done!

  5. Well done on the weight loss. I love Phillippa Gregory's books, I have her new one ready to start.