Sunday 22 May 2011

Grateful for art mail, good mail and all this mail!!!

I have had a really busy week, I have worked everyday, had evening meetings and had a son in casualty with a bad knee injury requiring lots of pain killers and extra TLC!

Needless to say I have not managed a single solitary craft item the entire time and no blogging. So no card this week for I did it creations card challenge but do pop over to see what the team have made this week.

Today I would like to share with you some wonderful mail have been lucky enough to receive......

A Fantastic PIF (the first I have received so very excited!!)from the mega talented Helena, arrived from 'much further North of me' in the UK (I did share the word art before but not the gorgeous Journal)
Some beautiful papercrafting from the Artistically skilled Rinda over in America, I have showed just one of the many goodies she sent (Pandas are DD's favourite animal... how did Rinda know?

Then my good mail / mail art all the way from the USA from the lovely Melissa

And I have finally (after trying for several months!) been chosen to host 'pass the book' which originated from Sian but this book was sent to me by the multi crafting expert Nicky along with a fab card.

I am really grateful to each and everyone of these lovey ladies, none of whom I have met in real life, though I do count them as friends. I totally appreciate the time taken to handcraft these items especially for me big love to you all xxx


  1. Some great happy mail,Ruth....Rinda's artwork is always wonderful.
    Hope your lad is recovering now.

  2. Wow that's some gorgeous mail! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Lovely happy mail Ruth..and congrats on the pass the book win :)

  4. Wow - a great group of happy mail! It's so fun that blogging has led to a happier mailbox! :>)

  5. You can't beat getting creative mail in the post, its such a lovely feeling. That Mail Art looks so imaginative. Also glad you successfully received 'Creative Wildfire', are you going to try some of the exercises? (I won a book from the publishers of that book, so am thinking of getting my own copy! Yay!)
    Hope your son is feeling better now, sorry to hear of his injury.
    Nicky x

  6. How splendid! Glad you have a nice book to peruse, and hope your DS is on the mend ...

  7. I've just read about mail art on Sian's blog, it's always lovely to receive happy mail and your's looks fab.

    Wishing your ds a speedy recovery x

  8. Now that kind of mail is SO much better than bills - glad you're having (creative) fun with all this - it looks brilliant!