Monday 2 May 2011

The winners!

Firstly an apology I totally forgot that I had offered 6 people the chance to win a card as part of my number 6 post on Mel's alphanumeric blog hop here.

Finally I got round to writing out each name on a piece of paper (there were over 40!) and placing them all in a pot

then I had 2 very keen volunteers pick out 3 names each

number 1


number 2
Wendy B

number 3

Peonies and Pennies

number 4

Debs 14

number 5

Mary B

and number 6

Angel fish

Please would you contact me via email on furrypig3 (at) yahoo (dot)co (dot) uk if you want me to send you card and of course include your address!! Can I ask you to do this in the next 2 weeks and I will attempt to get them all sent out by the end of the month!


  1. Ooh, lovely! Thank you so much, what a lovely surprise.

    My address is on the Mail art list.

  2. Ooh lovely thank you so much will email you my address now.

  3. Oh thank you I will email you my address. ~c~