Saturday 28 December 2013

Journal your Christmas days 1 to 4

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas/ Happy Holiday.  We have had a great time and I am not looking forward to returning to work next week! Completing Journal Your Christmas certainly helps to keep the holiday feeling going whilst preserving all the details of the season.  I signed up for Shimelle's JYC several years ago but only completed an entire journal  (27 pages/days) for the first time last year..... I finished it in March!

I seem to have had a slower more relaxed pace this year, this may be due to in part to DS having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and us not making many plans to socialise which would tire him more. So, a quieter run up to the big day plus a bout of illness for me has meant less activities to document so I have used the prompts more this year.

Day 1

 this states my Christmas Manifest

Day 2

I had a fabulous Christmassy drink and asked for a spare cup that I made into a little festive flap.... 

Day 3

planning the lights (though I managed to hide the start of the title under my light bulbs!)

Day 4

.... telling the story of the best Secret Santa gift that I have ever had.  A gorgeous gingerbread house received last year and I don't know who it was from even now!

I have mainly been using Simple Stories Handmade Holiday with some odds and ends from the boxes of Christmas Stash I seem to have! The wonderful numbers were discovered via Pinterest and can be found here, perfect for printing off and punching out.


  1. Loving your pages Ruth. You are ahead of me... I printed photos today and have my album started. I did waver, wondering whether to bother, but I love making this album and looking back after. So thank you for enticing me even more.. and these date stamps are lovely. I have printed them off and they will look great. I like the way you used the cup as a flap. It made me laugh as we had a scrap page at a recent crop where lots of flaps were used. A friend was with us who was doing her first demonstration on Create & Craft a couple of days later & we dared her to find a way of bringing 'flaps' into her demo. It caused much raucous laughter and it's a good job you wasn't with us because I imagine you would have notched it up even more and taken it in a different direction!! LOL
    I wonder who the gingerbread house was from?! How nice to have a such a lovely surprise gift. Look forward to seeing more of your pages.

  2. Oh Ruth your pages look great! Sounds like your holiday season was a lot like ours - more low key this year with a bout of illness thrown in. Glad to see you used the prompts to record some Christmas memories.

  3. A wonderful start,Ruth....I'm hoping to get some pages done today.

  4. Great pages! They really stand out off the paper!

  5. It looks wonderful Ruth, the colour on the kraft is gorgeous. I'm kicking myself now ....seeing how you incorporated your christmas cup into your book. Wish i had kept my cups xx Happy 2014 xx

  6. Oh Ruth your pages are gorgeous. I wish you and your family all the happiness in 2014 - and may it also be a much healthy year xxx