Sunday 29 December 2013

Journal your Christmas days 5 to 8

Day 5
I decided to go a little off topic and instead of talking about written communication in the traditional sense (ie journalling about Christmas Cards) I wrote about going to Great Ormond Street with my son (and husband) and how I felt as a mother about his illness and how amazing he has been

most of the journalling is hidden away on the inside....

 Day 6

I think one of  the coziest things we do at Christmas is giving new PJ's to the children on Christmas eve.... DD loved her onesie last year, as above (and we got another one for her this year!)

Day 7

There are so many tantalising treats for the senses during the Holiday season and I described a few I was experiencing at the time

Day 8

I used the sketch and weekly challenge from UKS for todays entry about buying our Christmas tree a couple of days before.


  1. Loving looking at all your pages, they're looking fab :)

  2. gorgeous Ruth...onsies were big in this house this year!! x

  3. I love that you've made your album more "you" and written what's important to you and your family

  4. More lovely images! Thanks for sharing.