Wednesday 18 December 2013

SJ Crafts 6 on the 6th

This has been the best idea ever for encouraging me to get on and make my Christmas cards this year.  In fact it has worked so well that I think I will end up with a few spare cards..... maybe a start for next year.

As part of the Red Ribbons Cyber Crop a few weekends ago we were asked to create a piece of mail art and send it to someone, I decided to try and make mine Christmassy themed... this was the front of the envelope ...
all very arty for me! Thought I would try something new totally inspired by someone called Lynda who I met on a recent crop.  She was using a similar technique (bubblewrap printing then lines with a credit card) I added stamped stars and a Christmas greeting with snowflakes punched from a vintage book and lightly painted white, a quick misting and I was done.  This then lead to the creation of a set of co-ordinating Christmas cards...

and another set of 6 cards had been made!

The last 2 sets I created were from ideas I had seen on pinterest here and here and adapted to make 2 sets of cards 

As you can see I used the negative and the positive snowflake shape and tried several ideas with both...... these are my favourite cards of the 5 sets I made this year.

Thank you Sarah, Louise, Jennifer and Lisa Jane for all your Christmas card inspiration over at SJ Crafts and I am keeping my fingers crossed you do this again next year!


  1. I feel just the same as you about this has worked brilliantly for me......and I really hope it comes back next year.
    You've made some lovely cards......I particularly love the last set.

  2. Oh I'm copying these cards from you missy for next year - they're fabulous. I may well try and do 6 cards each month anyway, and then hopefully Sarah will hear our pleas and carry it on lol

  3. Oh Ruth... These are all gorgeous. I like the bubble wrap and credit card effect...looks simply gorgeous.... It's nice to read that you've been inspired by sj crafts 6on the 6th. It worked brilliantly for me too and I'm thinking too that it's a good idea to carry it on x x

  4. Gorgeous cards Ruth! Love how you've used both the snowflake and the negative! So pleased you've all enjoyed this challenge .... and I am sure we will bring it back for Xmas next year!!

  5. What a lovely bunch of cards, this is something that just didn't happen for me this year. I'm making cards today... The use of the negative and positive of the snowflake gives such a different look.

  6. And very lovely they look IRL too! Just popping in to wish you all good things for today and hoping three are lots of lovely moments for you.

  7. I loved your card Ruth - got me totally excited when I saw that envelope on my doorstep! I guessed you used bubble wrap and this totally falls in with my new found love of art journaling and messier play. Thank you for sharing these ideas - love the idea of negative and positive too. You did well Gel! ;) xx