Monday 16 June 2014

The Ever Expanding Blog Hop

No doubt many of you have seen the latest long blog hop all over the place! Posting on a weekly basis, I have read lots about lots of Bloggers and now it is my turn to join in.

I was 'tagged' by my dear friend, the fantastically creative and immensely talented K from K's crafty corner.

What am I working on now?

Firstly I am working on a Summer wish list.  DD finished all her GCSE's on Friday and she is now off school for about 12 weeks and doesn't want to waste all the time.  So far we have planned  a few things like.... try baking cake pops, visit a zoo, go to an outdoor cinema or theatre, go on a boat trip, visit London for the day and complete Rinda's summer photo scavenger hunt.

Secondly I am working on a layout for 'Pass the page' started by Julie I am the first person it has been passed to.  The page is kinda out of my comfort zone so it has taken me a while to try and plan what I am gonna do but it is getting there......sssshhhhhh I can't say anymore...... it is a secret!

The third thing I am working on is my crafting space, I have removed an enormous ugly computer desk and replaced it with a simple wooden table.  I am slowly working my way though all my stash, having a huge purge.... so far I have overfilled the recycling, given 2 bags to the second hand shop and I have 4 bags of stash to give away!  Yet there is still more to do!

How does my work differ?

I am not sure that it does really. I think not many things are totally unique in scrapping as we get so many ideas from pinterest or blogs or current trends or from the  products  available from the manufacturers etc etc. I guess I don't do really fancy stuff....generally I describe my style (and probably me) as simple!

Why do I create what I do?

To keep the memories memory definitely isn't what it used to be, I forget so much.  I think it is important for the older and younger generations and those that are yet to come.  My wonderful Dad has cancer as many of you know and I have been asking him lots of questions and recording some of his stories. Time is limited and I don't want to forget all the details....ever!

I have just one person to pass my blog hop baton to and that is the lovely Julie over at Letting the Days Roll by.  I met Julie a few years ago at the first Bloggers' weekend and it was a total blast! I loved looking through her album and seeing stunning patients many of her daughter the super cute Puddleduck! Luckily we met up again at the second Bloggers' weekend, sitting near each other again and getting one of my favourite photos of me and my scrapping buddies K, Julie, Jemma.

I am really looking forward to our third Bloggers' weekend in September xxx


  1. Lovely photo and lovely post Ruth. It's lovely to see this going round.... and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Bloggers weekend too !!

  2. When you've learnt the art of cake pops you can teach me, Im awful at covering things in melted chocolate :) Oreo cake pops are a delicious simple start.
    that photo makes me laugh, i look such a short arse next to you & Jem, even though Ju is about the same height as me.

  3. That's such a lovely photo,Ruth.....and I'm really looking forward to the weekend as well.

  4. Oh what a lovely photo of you. I'm loving reading how my blog friends create - I've been nominated, so must figure out what I do lol

  5. That's a great pic Ruth...looking forward to the weekend too!
    Alison xx

  6. I love that photo - we'll be getting a new one in September - YAY
    Great post Ruth xxx
    Glad Julie is getting involved because she didn't have time earlier in the year!

  7. Its lovely to read more about you, and your summer plans x

  8. It is a great photo and I am looking forward to September too! The move in the direction of simplicity sounds soothing and freeing. ... Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about how,it has all gone. And sending warmest good wishes to your Dad ...