Monday 4 April 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers prompt 9

It's Monday What are you reading??? This is a post I try and take part in regularly if I have actually managed to read a book of course! I have recently finished Her fearful symmetry by Audrey Niffenneger, her debut novel the time travellers wife is one of my all time favourite books, so I was looking forward to reading this one.

This book is set in London, more specifically around Highgate Cemetery and the author's research into North London life is meticulousy undertaken. I am now really keen to visit the cemetery and take one of the guided tours (Neffenegger apparently worked as a tour guide as part of her research). The story revolves around twin sisters who have a Highgate flat bequeathed to them when their aunt dies from leukaemia. The aunt however has not actually left the flat and remains in a spirit like form. Essentially a ghost story yet so much more, the twins meet and befriend their aunts lover who lives in the flat downstairs and the OCD neighbour upstairs.

I enjoyed watching some relationships develop, whilst others fall apart, as secrets from the past are revealed. There is a twist in the tale, that I managed to forsee, but nevertheless it made a great story. Completely different from the TTW and in my opinion not in the same league, it is nevertheless a well written and enjoyable book, which I would still recommend. What are you reading and have you read this book???

My other regular blog post is IDIC's weekly card challenge on Sundays. I am on the DT so make a regular card and share the latest challenge and hope some of my readers might enter!

A new venture for me is

a concept thought up by K and I in an attempt to encourage each other (and anyone else who would like to join us) to scrap regularly as I haven't quite got back into scrapping this year, after taking over 2 months off. I posted a sketch for March (I still have to post the LO I made!) and K has just posted on her blog, this sketch for April I hope that I make this fabulous sketch into a fabulous LO, please consider joining K and I in our monthly scrapping journey xxx


  1. I still haven't read TTW (will read it this year for another book challenge I am taking part in.) But Her Fearful Symmetry was one of the best books I read last year - I loved it.

  2. I've had TTW for ages on my shelves but never pick it up. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person that hasn't read it! Highgate is a wonderful cemetery to visit.

  3. I've read this one because TTTW is my all time favourite book! I liked this one because it went to interesting places of possibilities and though I saw what was coming I still liked the ending. One or two holes in it, but the general opinion at my Book Club was positive, but 2nd best to TTTW.
    I'm reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters this month.

  4. Glad you were able to participate today! :) We read this book for book club last year.

  5. I really enjoyed TTTW so I must give this one a go :-) Have you seen the film of the former? I taped it ages ago when it was on but I'm a bit reluctant to watch it in case it doesn't match up to the book!