Saturday 1 March 2014

See it, Pin it, Do it (SIPIDI)

What a fantastic idea!  I didn't join Pinterest until last year and now I spend hours looking at boards seeing who has pinned what and getting totally absorbed in pinning new things but what do I do with them..... often very little.

Until now.....

Fiona has inspired us all to see, pin and do and I am determined to join in with this monthly prompt to see what I actually manage to do!

In February I managed to complete some scrapbook challenges that have been pinned by me, but I decided not to share more scrapping.  Instead I thought I would talk about cake especially as Fiona's SIPIDI post was all about cake too!

Last week my nephew made the most wonderful cake for his mum and we were asked to guess what was in it...... we got it totally wrong......but wow was it moist and tasty.  I found the recipe, pinned it and decided that hubby would love it for his birthday this week and here is the end result......

It was actually made my DD as she said she wanted to do something special for her Dad (bless) but I still think it fulfills the SIPIDI criteria! As to what is in the cake go see the recipe..... not something I have used in cakes before and I have used some interesting ingredients in the past (beetroot/carrot/courgette in a cake anyone???)........mmmmm.........nom nom........ 


  1. Interesting mix of flavours - would never have thought to add that. May have to try. TFS

  2. It certainly sounds like my type of cake ... Yum

  3. Of course, the very first thing I had to do was click on the link to find out the mystery ingredient! Thanks so much for joining in this month Ruth. I'll add you to the board now.

  4. Oh nice sounding recipe ...I've tried courgette in cakes (thanks to you I think) but it's good to have something other than soup to make in parsnip season!

  5. We are big cake fans in our house! Will go and check out the recipes!

  6. a cake!!! It does look good though x