Sunday 16 March 2014

Sharing scrapbook pages on Sunday

Over at UKS the weekly challenge involved so many choices....

A - Sport - Inspired by the Cheltenham Cup - Horse Racing/Televised Sport/Personal Exercise/Other Sport Related LO
B - Charity - Inspired by Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Any kind of charity (not just cancer)/Helping Others/looking after animals
C - Lifestyle - Inspired by National Veggie Month (Vegetarian) - Home Grown Food/Home Cooking/Changes to your own lifestyle

and to include the following on the LO:
1) Doodling
2) Ribbon, lace or washi tape
3) Brads, eyelets or buttons
4) Altered flowers - eg punched/cut from PP/inked/handmade/made into something else

I made this page...

It is all about the challenge I set myself for February ( a month of letters) to send a piece of mail every day that there was post. I managed to use 2 lots of washi tape, doodling around the boxes of paper and a small envelope doodle and I added some red buttons.  I didn't manage to use any flowers though!

I sent post to 4 countries including the UK, using 4 different post boxes (most in my local area) the photograph shows the post box just outside the Craft Barn so I got to shop and take part in the challenge on the same day! I sent 7 birthday cards, 4 other cards and 15 smart women postcards (you may even have received one!) 

I included how much all the postage cost (£14.82) and showed first and second class stamps and their prices. I also had tiny copies of some of the postcards which I used a mini embellishments.

I also managed to work with the colours in the Jot magazine mood board challenge so ended up with a very bright layout!


  1. I'm impressed with how well you did with your challenge....thank you so much for the card that I received. Love how you've documented it here.

  2. really love this page (I didn't manage the flower either!). Such a great page to document and a really brilliant challenge x

  3. That's a fabulous layout (and your idea showcased on it) and I'm the happy recipient of one of your postcards. Thanks!

  4. you are most definitely the queen of these challenges. I love how you have recorded your challenge and included stamps on your layout x x love it xx

  5. Love this page. I'm having terrible problems leaving comments atm. I've had to retype this - it just spontaneously disappeared and I noticed the comment I thought I's left on your HP Scrap 365 sketch LO isn't there. How much have you got left to do on that album?

  6. That is such a fun idea to send so many bits of post. I think the layout will also be fun to look back on in the future and see just how much a stamp cost ext! Fun idea and fun layout.

  7. It was a brilliant project (though I'm amazed at the total cost of postage :-o it add up!) and I'm so happy to have been a recipient! xxx

  8. A month of letters is a lovely idea and this is a great page to record it .... my daughter has recently acquired a penfriend & they both love writing, sending and receiving their layouts .... your layout makes me think i need to record the "penfriend! ;)

  9. Many congratulations on achieving your goal, and your bright zingy page is a great testament to your energy and dedication. I love the addition of the stamps too.

  10. Great layout, Ruth...I've just blogged about your card today!
    Alison xx

  11. OMGosh... all that mail - wish I was so disciplined. I'm sitting here with an anniversary card to be mailed in time for Apr 2 and scared I'll totally forget.
    AND YOUR LAYOUT IS AWESOME. Love that you were inspired by so many sources. You are a creative princess.

  12. Love your use of stamps on the layout. Fabulous page!