Monday 24 March 2014

Sharing Scrapbook pages (not on Sunday!)

We are a family with laptops..... hubby has a laptop and a note book and both children have a laptop of their well I have 2 laptops to choose from....the oldest and slowest laptop in the house (probably in the world!) or the faster one that only turns on about once in every one hundred attempts!  I have never actually had a laptop of my own but I am hoping this may change.

So one laptop is no good for sizing or cropping or editing photos in any way or for using any software from after about 1980... the other one can do all these things but I cannot turn the bloomin thing on.

I have lots of scrapping pics stored on the newer laptop.... shame on me as I now cannot access them..... so I am trying to share photos via UKS which I think will work..... here goes.....

This week over at UKS we had to use the Theme of Good Times, Use at least 3 colours, use Fabric and/or thread, use Flowers and Use a pen.

I used a sketch from Being Scrappy

and came up with this page


  1. I'm a sucker for an orange/blue combo - lovely page and great use of the sketch!

  2. That is a lovely layout.... I like the rounded corners.
    Sorry to hear about your problem laptops... I love IT when it works and want to throw it out the window when it gives me grief! Hoping you can access your photos :(

  3. it sounds like you really do need your own laptop :) I love orange layouts and i've just rounded the corners on a layout too x

  4. Ah, that' sea super interpretation and I do like your big ampersand. I think an early birthday and Christmas present is in order here :).

  5. A wonderful page! I have a desktop & a laptop & Robbie has a laptop . . . then there are our iPhones! So much to choose from! LOL

  6. You always pick such gorgeous colours to go with your holiday photos.
    Sounds like your newer lappy has a loose connection, are you going to take it to get it fixed? ... you know me, I'd be on youtube & google working out how to do it myself :D
    Might also be a good idea to get an external drive to save photos on, or/& upload them to a cloud of some sort.

  7. I'm loving orange these days in scrapping, so this really appeals to me :)

    Yes we're rather obsessed by computers in our house too. And as there is only the 2 of us, I'm embarrassed to say just how many we have lol

  8. Love orange and blue together. And you're rocking the threes there. Great page.

  9. Nice page. I like the way the rounded corners of your layers echo the round float tube.