Wednesday 22 July 2009

Camping, Brunch and Bowling!

This weekend DD turned 11 and we had to celebrate in style in true Molly fashion. Firstly we had to put up a tent, or should I say hubby did it only took about 5 hours then I went and helped!! I interpreted the instructions correctly and the tent was up!

Then Molly was joined by 3 chums and they spent the night under canvass, well after chatting and giggling until after 1am, I even went in just after midnight to wish Molly a happy birthday and take a few pics....

After a few hours sleep I was up preparing food for 15 with hubby for the party Brunch. We were offering a choice of cooked items (sausage, egg, baked beans and bacon), toast (brown or white) croissant or pain au chocolate, muffins (choc chip or blueberry) and warm homemade cookies (oat and oat n white choc chip). We had 2 no shows which was slightly annoying (why can't parents just pick up the phone and say their child will not be there??!!) Then it was time to hit the bowling alley.....we had 3 lanes and as we were short of a couple of players guess who got to play.....

I had the most fun with Molly the day before making up the partybags.....

take one 'just for girls' pink tool box from £land and fill with multiple sweets......
repeat until you have enough for a small army/Molly's mates......

Camping/Brunch/Bowling over guess what I forgot..... a birthday cake!!!!


  1. Wow sounds like they all had fantastic fun... I absolutely love the party bags :O)
    Why do men never read instructions ?? LOL

  2. I want an invite to the next one!!!
    & the party bags are fab!

  3. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend, and I agree the party bags are fab!

  4. what a fab idea, looks like lots of fun!

  5. Sounds like Molly and all of you had a fab time, where was my invite??? ;-)