Thursday 30 July 2009

Pocket cards

The July swop over on the Crafty Place was pocket cards. I had never made a pocket card before but they have been very popular amongst my crafty friends on MSE. Many people on the MSE card thread had made very similar cards as someone (sorry can't remember who!) shared a tutorial.

This is the beautiful card that the talented Gemm made for me it is one of the tutorial style cards . They are very en vogue in the card making world don't you know so I am now very lucky to have received 0ne!!!

This is how it looks when the tag has been taken out really gorgeous, I am sure you will agree.

Well me being me had to try something a bit different and I found an amazing idea on a blog challenge somewhere (think it might have been a magnolia challenge, yet again I can't remember!!) It features a 'brown bag' and as I had a couple I thought I would give it a go!! I was quite pleased with the result....

I hope Gemm liked it!!

It was fairly simple and I really enjoyed decorating it and will give it another go soon I think!

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  1. Furry, they are both beautiful and both pink, great minds and all that eh??? x