Friday 17 July 2009


Reading this blog and took the offer of the tag

8 Favorite Shows:(that are on at the moment!)
1- CSI (love all of these shows)
2- Hotel Babylon
3- America's got Talent (makes me laugh out loud!!)
4- Ugly Betty
5- Total Wipeout!!!
6- The supersizers eat...
7- House
8- Bones

8 Things I did yesterday:
1- went to work
2- helped at school fair
3- won 3 bottle of wine in bottle tombola
4- won a raffle prize
5- received my Christmas stash prize
6- had an oyster icecream (sshhhh!!)
7- watched Bones
8- had my appraisal

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1- Christmas (this really is my favourite time of year!)
2- the kids finishing school for the summer
3- camping at the Witterings
4- a large glass of wine
5- a week in Cornwall
6- seeing the new Harry Potter
7- being more crafty
8- Labor day party

8 Favorite Restaurants: {I'm including fast food...}
1- Cafe Anjou (in Winchmore Hill is it still there???)
2- the Raj Doot
3- Seafare Fish and Chip shop
4- Any National Trust tea shop!!
5- Loch Fyne
6- Pizza Express
7- Chez Moi

8 Things on my wish list:
1- A job for Hubby
2- a cuttlebug
3- sunny days for the holidays
4- a cleaner
5- a nanny
6- more time
7- a pet pig
8- an old english sheepdog

8 People I Tag:
1-choccy O

Well I hope that you manage to do your own collection of 'eights'!!!


  1. Mine might be a bit boring... I'll have to get my thinking cap on! x