Sunday 5 July 2009

card making son

A couple of weekends ago we visited my parents (see earlier posts) well whilst there we attended the art and craft day they go to at a local church. Elliot was actually really keen to join in which is unusual for him, so we decided to make thank you cards for his birthday presents. We used some wrapping paper he had got and cut out the football shapes, stuck them onto card then cut them out again. We then stuck some blue card onto mini ready made cards and glued the hand made footie die cuts on top of that!

We have given some out already plus he adapted one to send to Ben 10 for his birthday but here are a few of them that we have yet to send out (sorry everyone he is grateful for his pressies but we are a bit organised!!) Here they are on our rather yellowy brown lawn....

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  1. Ooh well Done Els, you made some beautiful cards. I know i can see one of them right now on my wall.