Sunday 12 July 2009

Creative Card Crew Challenge Ribbons

This week the theme is Ribbons. This card is my stop-feeling-sorry-for-myself-card!!

I am not spending money on stash and luxuries in general and have found that quite hard at times especially when there are so many wonderful products out there that I 'must have'. Also eveyone else seems to have the latest and bestest stuff except for me (I know this blatantly isn't the case but I did say I was feeling sorry for myself!) So I decided to try and find 'new ways with old stash', this really was in keeping with moneysaving and being thrifty.

So I don't have a cuttlebug and won't have one any time soon but I do have a second hand shapeboss that has never been tried out. So I have embossed the corners with little flowers! I couldn't buy lots of new flowers when they were on offer recently so I looked at what I could use. I took a scrap of wide pink ribbon and sewed along the edge to make a rosette then sewed the button and attached to the card. I took a smaller piece of pink ribbon and did exactly the same and attached it with a brad. I took a small scrap of 'fluffy' ribbon curled it into a circle put it on some pink card and sewed it to the card with a button. Then I found a real flower to complete the look. Wow!! It kind of worked!!!

So the moral of this card is that there is plenty of stuff in my stash that I can use in new and different ways. I have never tried embossing and never tried sewing on a card and now I have! Creativity is not restricted to the latest gadget, paper, kit or money it only restricted by your imangination!! So I will try not to covet my virtual neighbours fab new crafty bits!!

here it is what do you think......


  1. it is fabulous! maybe u could post a tutorial with pictures on how to make the rosette i would love to tryX

  2. Well done hun, I'm proud of you!
    & from your stash you've made a very original card!

  3. Such a fabulous card and such a great use of ribbon. Thanks for taking part in the Creative Card Crew Challenge.
    Paula xxxx

  4. This is so beautiful. Well done for finding new ways with your stash - we could all learn a lesson from this. You don't need the latest and best - you just need flair (and you've got that). Thanks for joining the CCC challenge.
    Sharon xx

  5. That is beautiful furry, I love it xxx

  6. Its a beautiful card Ruth !!

    Wel Done on such a fantastic card x

  7. Thats fabulous and I love it !!

  8. A gorgeous card - your ribbon flower and embossed flowers look fab x

  9. Ooo I love this... its so pretty! Dx

  10. Wow beautiful card - i love that their is a moral behind the card - i too have lots i can use on cards but always feel i need to buy more.

    Its such a fantastic design

    Thank you for joining in the Creative Card Crew challenge
    love tasha xx

  11. This is absolutely beautiful, my favourite card I have seen for a long time, purely because it is sooooo different! I love it furry xxx