Saturday 18 January 2014

Journal Your Christmas Days 17 to 20

I have loved making my JYC pages this year and I hope I haven't bored you with sharing them.....

Day 20 shows lists of all I still have to do and the photo was taken at Waterloo Station of the large Christmas tree and all the people looking busy hurrying to get things done!

On Day 18 I shared a photo and told the story of Christmas Dinner at home, just the four of us from a few years ago....

I still love Father Christmas and met him just before we went to see a panto, the rest of the family abandoned me and I asked if I could take his photo and he asked his elf to take one of both of us!

The prompt for day 20 was all about a special present for someone so I shared the story of buying gin for a friend and how I had used Facebook to try and find out what to buy as I am not a gin drinker....

Have you amde any JYC pages this year?  How far are you going? I haven't finished yet and I am not sure where my album will end this time.  Last year I finished on Boxing Day but I think I may go further this year.... we shall see!


  1. You have a lovely mix of ways of journalling here - I especially like your postcard and the curvy shape in day 18.

  2. You've not bored me one little bit, I have absolutely loved your album

  3. I LOVE seeing your album Ruth! I really like your layouts and stories, especially the meeting with Father Christmas. You're never too told for that and how nice the elf took your photo!
    You are way ahead of me, but I have finally made a start! I always end on Jan 6th as near where I work they collect and recycle Christmas trees. A photo of them piled up seems a fitting end to my album.

  4. i've loved seeing your pages too Ruth. I have just sent off for some prints so I hope to finish mine soonish x