Thursday 2 January 2014

Resolutions anyone?

Well this time last year I was posting here about starting a diet

and I did
I actually lost about 1.5 stone and until this Christmas had kept a whole stone off despite the fact that I stopped doing the 5:2/fast diet before the summer holidays.
I would recommend it and I will be going back to it soon, as I would love to be 8lbs lighter at least by the end of 2014.
I am going to continue with the fab Facebook group that is filled with like minded women all hoping to drop a few pounds using whatever method best suits them.... I have met most of them and many are a huge inspiration in particular Jemma, as her weight loss journey has been amazing and Sandie as she is such an encouragement to us all.
There is a new board on UKS for the 5:2 diet now so I will be popping on there once I have restarted.
I think this was actually a fairly successful aim/plan/resolution from January 2013.

Usually I have a shed load of things that I want to achieve at the start of the year but I so rarely complete a single one of them.  I am hoping 2014 will be different, I would love to try some new ideas, fingers crossed there will be some adventures and I will be here to share some of them with you. Blogging and scrapping are definitely on the list plus a few other things..... let's see how this year goes shall we???


  1. I love the forum as well and will definately be joining in again.
    Apart from that I just want to get more of my 'started' projects 'finished'.

  2. I"m starting a jump start nutrition and exercise plan next week.

  3. I've heard a lot about that weight loss programme. So it will be nice to hear about it from someone's it actually worked for.

  4. I managed a stone too Jemma using 5:2. I let it slip after the summer as well and I have certainly not watched what I ate and drank over Christmas (not so much as quantity of alcohol but what I drink - dark real ale heavy on the calories!) Even so, I have crept up but still feel confident I can turn it around and learn to maintain. So, here's to 5:2, more FFF and pounds shed! I'm so glad the Facebook group helped, I've loved how everyone has cheered each other on and been such great support. Here's to 2014 and more of all that !! xx

  5. I have let myself slide terribly weight wise and really want to get back into some sort of weight loss and exercise regime....I'll back on the forum too! Good Luck with your resolutions
    Alison xx