Monday, 20 January 2014

Journal Your Christmas pages 21 to 24

A few more pages today....

slightly off topic for day 21 I talked about my annual purchase of the radio times so I can plan my Festive TV

On the 22nd I told the story of my cousins 2 children who were set a challenge to buy food for £5 to show them how expensive it is to buy food and understand that some people do not have much money.  They ended up using their own money to buy the food and donated to a local shelter.... it really did warm my heart!

Slightly odd photos of the childrens stockings hung on their bedroom doors for December 23rd

This last page is also my House Challenge entry over on UKS which was simply 'twas the night before'.  I stuck with tradition and used it to describe Christmas Eve and how we usually have people over but only one family could make it this year.


  1. I used to go through with a highlighter pen as well, but with technology moving on I now go through & set things to record/reminder on the sky box :D

    In PSHE Zack had to do a similar task in a group, buy everything needed for Christmas Dinner for a set number of people (I think it was 11) with a budget of ...I know it was under £100. They found it really hard, first total was over £300! Talk about buying treats & brands.

    Great layouts, really enjoying seeing all your christmas traditions.

  2. I've kept the front page of our TV guide too for my PL album lol

  3. You've made such a lovely selection of pages.

  4. I always bought a radio times too - these past years we do a K and set the sky box. fabulous pages Ruth x

  5. I'm glad someone else is still making and posting their December album pages, as I have many more to complete!

  6. I really like your page about the Radio Times - circling the programmes we wanted to see was always exciting in our house!

  7. I love how you have made this so personal, Ruth. The Radio Times and story about the £5 food challenge are what it is all about. Lovely to see your pages - do bring your album to Grafton I'd love to see it finished.

  8. We're RT subscribers here - my weekly magazine! Love the pages and am VERY impressed with the kids' reaction to the £5 challenge. Well done for completing JYC.