Sunday 19 January 2014

Sharing Scrapbook pages on Sunday

Another week means another weekly challenge on UKS and this weeks was fantastic.  We had to choose 3 elements from the following...

1. hot tropical or warm summer colours
2. ribbons or flowers
3. birds or butterflies
4. sparkle and bling
5. break open your new stash after the holidays
6. use your favourite photo from last year (2013)
7. ice cream
8. sand or water
9. frame the photo
10. scraplift from someone else's work and please do credit them when you post your LO picture

Initially I thought this might be hard as it struck me as being a bit girlie for some reason.....but of course it isn't and there is something there for everyone.

I love sketches but without them I love a good scraplift so that was my first choice made, then I used a favourite photograph from 2013, which I framed and I also managed to add a flower and a bird into the mix!

This is the fabulous page by Jo that I scraplifted

I had added this page to pinterest as I have some of the same papers and as I really love Jo's work I kept pretty  close to the original as you can see below....


  1. That's a lovely page Ruth, really cheering on this chilly January day. It's good to have a challenge, I really work best when I have a focus and something to aim for and this list would inspire me too.

  2. Lovely sunburst of yellow for a grey winter's day, and I like your addition of the pink too. Looks like you nailed that challenge :).

  3. I love it. Thank you for scraplifting my page - I think it originally came from Scrap365 but I will have to check that :)

  4. a brilliant scraplift Ruth x

  5. That's gorgeous Ruth, a great scrap lift

  6. Great job with the scraplift - your page looks wonderful!