Monday 29 June 2009

Back from Birmingham

I had the best time in Birmingham. I was at the annual NHIVNA conference and traveled up via train catching the very comfortable 10.23 from Euston.

I stayed in the Crowne Plaza on Holiday Street and although it is not very attractive from the outside the rooms were lovely! I kept saying I was looking forward to having the big bed all to myself but it was actually too big and I missed my family!

I did however make the most of the pristine bathroom with all the fab and fun mini toiletries and a cosy white towelling dressing gown and of course the complimentary tea (black earl grey just what I needed!)

The first afternoon I was at the ICC looking at cardiovascular risks. Well I nearly had a few risks myself trying to balance a very hot lunch plate, whilst sat on the stairs with people trying to get past! In the evening I kind of gate crashed a meal that was sponsored by one of the companies and I had a fantastic if somewhat spicey hot Indian. My friend Charlotte at the conference had said it was her plan to have a curry whilst in Birmingham so we did well to blag a free one!

Day two was full on at the ICC which is a very well organised venue with good facilities and fantastic catering. So good that I put on 3 lbs while I was away! Whoops! I attended some really interesting lectures and took copious notes as I have to do a feedback session at my clinic in July! Thursday night was the Gala Dinner at my hotel so easy to get home from! It was so funny as Charlotte is a bit of a glam chick and she had got a fantastic outfit together (matching shoes, bag and dress) you get the picture! I am not girlie at all but felt I had to make an effort, so I took the tags from the dress that had hung unworn in the wardrobe for two years and removed the labels from the matching high shoes and I was ready! I forgot to put on any jewellry and spent the beginning of the night complaining about trying to walk in high heeled shoes! Fortuantely after several glasses of wine I was up on the dancefloor joining in with the rest of the boogie babes and dancing queens!

Day three rather sore feet and the need for a big breakfast. The conference felt a bit harder going as I was tired but still so many good speakers and more fab food! I just wanted to get back home and thankfully the journey from Birmingham to my front door was only just over 3 hours! I didn't really get a chance to check Birmingham out just did a couple of short walks around the canals looking for the Indian Restaurant and I just missed seeing all the Britains got Talent gang (shame we love Diversity and all voted for them here!) But as Dorothy said there really is no place like home xxx


  1. What I really wanna know, oh furry one, is did you nick all the toilettries, towels & dressing gown?
    Ooooo, & is there photos of you in a dress?

  2. nope no pics of me in the dress and the towels and dressing gown all remained at the hotel the toiletries well noone would want them if I had used them would they???