Saturday 20 June 2009

Long time no see!

Well it seems that I spend all my time catching up with other people's amazing blogs and never spend a moment trying to do anything decent with my own! So I am determined to try and actually post a photo of some craftiness this weekend!!!

I think I am slightly afraid to be honest I have a lot of craft envy at the moment. Do you know what I am talking about???
I have it on 2 levels, firstly there are some amazing people out there! Some may only have been crafting and blogging for a short time but they seem to have an natural ability that I will never posess in a million years! How can I put my feeble attempts on here for the whole world to see???
Secondly I am suffering from a streak of jealousy regarding people's crafting purchases! I know that is sooo bad of me to say it out loud!! I love buying and get addicted to bargains and also can't stop buying crafty goodies. Well up until recently anyway.... Money is a bit tighter than it was a few months ago so I have had to cut back, no meals out, no take aways, no haircuts, no craft buys. I have broken this rule now twice in 3 months and bought an x-cut guillotine with a money off code and I have just ordered some bargain papers with free postage (these were paid for with paypal and I found I had money in my account so only cost about £2 in real money!!)

See I am not a nice person at all really as I get a bit green at times! I feel inferior in skill and in my products!! Really I have enough crafting stuff and have items unused and I should be grateful for what I have, not just in my stash but in my life generally. I have friends and I have fantastic family, I am going to see my parents this weekend and there will be about 15 of us all together and I cannot wait!


  1. Hunny, the cards you are making are fab, especially as you havent been making them for all that long. They are certainly NOT feeble attempts - consider yoursllef told off, lol. You put your heart & soul into them & that shines through. I'd much prefer to receive a card like that, one that was made just for ME than one that took 2 mins with no thought behind.

    I know how your feeling about purchases, and things being tight. I have been sitting drooling at things I want, but its not going to happen anytime soon so it forces me to use what I've got, which is a good thing. Also means I have to be more "creative". It also makes me appreciate the things I do buy more, and makes me more careful about what I'm buying. You've done fab hun, and should be proud of being able to tighten your belt and sticking to it.

    & theres always stash swaps to keep you going.
    Chin up hun, xx

  2. Awww Ruth, being a recipient of one of you cards i can say with my hand on my heart that they are fantastic. As are you . I have never met such a thoughtful person.. Your cards reflect your personality, they are fun and full of love.

    I agree with K you should be proud of your achievements in not buying stuff... Dont worry hunny i buy enough for you and K lol.. As you know i see that as my excuse half the time...
    As ie said i buy to cheer myself up after the bad time you know ive been having. Just spending that £5 brings me so much relief and pleasure. I also get super excited at being able to buy the stuff and print bits off for you both. Knowing that i can help you makes me smile.

  3. You two are the best, who needs blog therapy when I can have virtual therapy here with you two!!???

  4. I know I have already said things to you in PM, I feel exactly the same about people spending soooo much money on such pretty craft things, I have been lucky as some lovely people have sent me things, I in turn did it to you. as Choccy said be proud of your achievements in not buying things, I know it is hard when you see fab cards by everyone else and I know it can also make you think sod it I refuse to make anything, but sometimes a bit of crafting does wonders for the heart and mind! If you would like me to send you some more bits and pieces please just shout and I will send you some more (please don't think twice about asking!) I know how hard it is to not have the money to buy it, but I also don't want to offend you by offering if that makes sense?

    You are a fab lady Ruth, and your PM's have sometimes had me in tears cause you are so lovely and always willing to help. I don't have many real life friends, and the few I left behind when I moved up here either don't bother with me now or they have changed dramatically to the point I would rather not have them as friends, however I do have virtual friends which I am sure you understand .... I class you as one of my virtual friends ;) xx

  5. Thanks Rusty that was very touching! I appreciate your words and kindness xxx