Wednesday 24 June 2009

off to Birmingham

I have been trying very hard to be a good blogger and chat to myself on a daily basis. Today I am off to Birmingham for the annual NHIVNA conference so will be away until Friday night and no internet access for me (breathe breathe it will be ok!!).

I have been for the last two years and they are really great events as there are so many fanatstic lectures, great networking and a fab boozy dinner on the Thursday night! That brings me nicely to the dress dillema! I never wear one but the colleague I know who's going has bought a special one to wear for 'the do'. So I have taken the brand new one I bought 2 years ago out of my wardrobe, cut of all the tags and packed it. I have also put the brand new 'proper girlie shoes' in the suitcase too (also over a year old!). I'm sure last year I just wore jeans!! Will let you know how it goes.

In case you are wondering I am a chatty, crafty arty pig but not a pink, girlie, dress wearing pig!!


  1. I wanna see a piccy of our furry pig in a dress!!
    & your not chatting to yourself, we're all reading xx

  2. I'm here reading and signing in, I also would like to see furry in a dress :D see you when you get back xx

  3. Furry in a dress..Oooh pretty dress.

    I often talk to myself too hunny ....Its an age thing LOL

    Really missing seeing you online,even though we have spoke by text....

    P.S Piggies are pink , so you should like pink ;O)