Saturday 20 June 2009

OK I am on a roll! Despite the fact that my last post looked nothing lie Iwanted t to I am gonna give it another try. See my blog posts are just like buses, nothing for ages then 3 come at once!!!
Also I think I have got the pics where I wanted them as I relaised I could add more than one image at a time!
This is my father's day card. I was gonna make a wellie boot shaped card but the template thing I had was a lot smaller than I thought so I just cut out the shape instead and stuck it on some papermania paper (I think, this was given to me by Rusty, it matched my colour scheme perfectly) and used some papermania birds (secret garden), some cardboard stickers (inside and out) a flower from my stash and some card candy (pretend brads made from card that are stuck on with little foam pads!) Again I tried the decorating inside and out and think it has worked in a very basic way, well I am happy with it anyway.
Okay gonna get ready to go to see my family now, packing and getting the birthday and fathers day presents organised! Hopefully I will be back soon although I think it's only really for me this site as I have not 'advertised' it anywhere and no-one ever comments (well not since the first post!) it suits me though as I do chat and waffle away and I think it might become my therapy!!!


  1. So thats where you ran away to hun!! Thought you had. I see you managed to find a big boot, & I'm loving the inserts.

  2. love your boot card furry! those little birdies on it are very sweet :) xx

  3. Oh Ruth i love it !!! Bet your dad will do too.

    Glad to see some of your cards on your blog. Blogging is adictive, well heres me saying that/ Im like a bus too, none for a while then i remember and post a couple lol

  4. Wow I love it! looks fab and I bet your dad will love it too!
    Nice to see some cards on here :) xx

  5. wow what a cute wellie. It's great