Saturday 20 June 2009

Well I have bitten the bullet and posted a couple of pics of cards I made late last night.
It is my wonderful Mum's special birthday tomorrow so I had to make her a card. She is so appreciative of the few cards I have made her so far that I love making them for her and she always gives me positive feedback. She has a really generous nature and is always so kind and giving of her time and everything else. When I grow up I want to be just like her! She has had a tough year with some health problems but she is very uncomplaining and just muddles through it all with a smile and a prayer.
The card is made with a Magnolia image from the ever generous Rusty, coloured in with Whispers pens and some Sakura glaze added to her shoes hair ties and the cake. I also decoupaged the cake to give it a bit more depth and the image is on foam pads! The paper and word embellishments came from craftwork cards and flowers I bought in good ol' WH Smith. The second image is inspired by one of the many fantastic card makers I have seen on the net, tho' I have forgotten who sorry! They create a fantastic inside to the card as well as an amazing outside so I decided to give it a try in a much more simplified way
So what do you think??
I need to work out how to get the photos in different places wih the writing as no matter what I did they ended up side by side at the top and I didn't want them there! Any ideas gratefully received xxx


  1. I find posting piccies a pain in the butt tbh!
    On the upload page you can choose to have them left, right or centre. Then, when done, you have to resize them, then drag them down to the line you want. These "lines" are dictated to where your writing is / where you've pressed "enter" to get down the page.

    I also move them at times using html, but thats a story for another day :D The 1st way is the easiest out of the 2 until you get used to it.

  2. thanks so much for w#explaining that but to be honest it doesn't make sense to me!! LOL!! When done you just drag them from wherever they have been posted to wherever you want?? Will try for my next one!!

  3. lol, when do people ever understand my first explanation.

    When the loading page says "done" it means your piccies are on the bit your writing on, ok?
    You can drag them to wherever you want vertically on the page. Where it goes horizontally depends on what you chose on the upload page, that any clearer?

  4. They never go where i want either Ruth, so you are not on your own... As for html you might as well speak to me in Russian lol

    Love this card, it has a noseless person on it :O) I often make my mum little 'just because cards'. I know that she loves them even though i am far from a good card maker lol... Mums rock !!!

  5. thank K I do understand and will try it out soon!

  6. I generally upload the pics then whilst they are uploading I write my babble and then click on the picture and drag it to where I want it :D hope this helps?
    I love this card, looks so pretty :) I bet your mam will love it aswell :) xx

  7. fab card i bet your mum was thrilled