Thursday 23 July 2009

MSE thanks/embossed card

I finally found time to create my challenge card......

it looks slightly odd but a lot of thought went into it I promise.....
The printed red area at the bottom is actually a copy of my son's report and it said that the teacher will miss him! Then there is a small portion of really badly spelt words mentioning fruit in a poem my DS. Thought that co-ordinated well with the apple on the pile of books! This is an image I have tried to decoupage and the apple has been covered several times in glossy accents which is easier to see in this piccy..............

the blue paper at the top actually says school days on it twice in different fonts. I got the embossing in if you look carefully you will see 'a b c' on the top piece of red card and 'd e f' on the bottom piece.


  1. Ooh furrypig. This card is great. What a fabby idea to actually use part of Els school report :O) I love it xxx

  2. That is soooo clever, what a great idea!!!

  3. WOW that is such a glorious gift. it is way beyond a card. i would keep that forever if a pupil gave that to me.

  4. lovey card Furrypig - my MIL & SIL are both teachers and I know they would be thrilled to receive such a fab thoughtful card! xx