Sunday 28 November 2010

Character Strengths

I have just been on Jessica Spragues blog and she is offering a free place for one of her classes if you complete the 'VIA Survey of character strengths'. Jessica explains how to register on the site and how to complete the 240 questions that make up the survey.

It sounds a lot of questions (well it is!) but it really doesn't take much time to go through them all, unless you keep pressing the previous button instead of the next button like I did!!

So my strengths are;-
1)Humour and playfullness (not sure if this is something to be proud of at my age and out of all the 0ther possible attributes I could have at the top of the list!)
2) Fairness, equity and justice (I think is totally true and has gotten me into trouble in the past! If I believed in star signs then I would put this down to the fact I'm a Libra!)
3) Honesty, authenticity and genuineness (quite like this strength)
4) Kindness and generosity (definitely one I am happy to have!)
5) Capacity to love and be loved (how sweet is that!)

I think it is really interesting and I hope to go back sometime in the future and take the test again as I am sure some of the answers will change depending on what has been happening in my life! It is also interesting to note that Jessica Sprague has completely different strengths to me.
Her top strength is creativity, ingenuity and originality, which doesn't even feature in my top 5.... does this actually mean anything?? I am not sure I am that original at the moment as it seems easier to follow rather than lead where I am now, but that hasn't always been the case and I am not sure it will be in the future either! In fact Jessica and I don't share any of our top 5 strengths!!
Jessica suggests tagging others to complete the survey and find out their strengths so I am gonna tag you! Yes whoever is reading this post, go on take some time out of your day and try it and see what you come up with. I would really love to see your answers please post them back here in the comments. Also if you complete it prior to Tuesday post the answers on Jessica's blog as you might win the class! The link to the test is here I would really love to see what it says about each of us and compare notes!!


  1. Thanks Ruth I did this - just for fun - interesting to note that even the things I know are my weaknesses that came in at 20 plus in the results are listed as strengths.

  2. Finally got round to posting mine:
    1. Love of Learning
    2. Fairness, Equality & Justice
    3. Judgement, Critical Thinking & Open Mindedness
    4. Capacity to Love & Be Loved
    5. Humour & Playfulness

    Surprised at no 4 but think the others are probably right