Monday 8 November 2010

Winners of the celebrating friendships blog hop prize

For a part of the fantastically brilliant Celebrating Friendships Blog Hop I set everyone a little challenge to identify the 7 blog friends I described. See this post

The answers are:-
1. Mel
2. Jo
3. Jackie (though sadly she couldn't make it on the blog hop)
4. Kate
5. Cal
6. Sian
7. Amy

Do pop over and visit their blogs as they are really great!

So, there were only 3 entries to my competition and of these 2 were correct so I have decided to send them both some stash to play with. Congrats to K and Mel. Please let me know your snail mail addresses so I can get something in the post for you both xxx


  1. Oh, thanks hun - how lovely of you! I'll be in touch xx

  2. Yay, thanks hun.
    Well done Mel :)

  3. Well done to the 2 winners....the quiz was a great idea.

  4. I recognised Mel and Amy! Thanks for posting the answers!!
    Gayle xx

  5. Great quiz and Congrats to Mel and K x

  6. It was a great quiz and I'm still chuffed that my name was on your list :)

  7. Boo who did I get wrong by the way??? Great idea!