Monday 22 November 2010

Christmas film review #2

The second Christmas film I watched this year was ' Booky and the Secret Santa' (certificate U). It is the tale of a family in Canada, I think set in the Depression, as there is no work and very little money. Booky (Beatrice) befriends an older gentleman Mr Eaton and believes he may be the real Santa. This is a sweet film about a family coming together when all the odds are stacked against them. Another feel good film that I rate as *** (3 out of 5).


  1. Hi, The book rings on my JYC book are 2inch and I bought them from a local scrap store. Its called "The Treasury" and is in Kidderminster. I think they have an online store. To be honest it is already looking tight so I may need to either accept it is going to be huge or try for bigger rings (if they are made!!!!)

  2. I haavent heard of this one before. This is a great feature, I cant wait to see what other films you review :)