Monday 21 February 2011

It's Monday what are you reading??

I must confess to not having read much at all this week. I decided to read one of three books as I have a plan for one of them (will reveal more at a later date!) so I chose Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Set in Nigeria, it is the story of three characters and how events

test their relationships in a unsettled time of civil war. I have literally just started this book but hope to finish it this week while I am off for half term... though not sure if I will manage that as gonna be spending time with the children... watch this space!

So what are you all reading at the moment? I love hearing about other peoples reads and recommendations, I bought The Help last week as Rainmac had left a message here saying she had read it! Pop over to the book journey to see what all those real readers are getting their teeth into this week!


  1. I enjoyed The Help very much. And I like the look of this one - my parents taught at a teacher training college in Nigeria and came home just before the civil war started.

  2. I'm now reading Dark Fire by CJ Sansom - one of a series about a Hunchback lawyer who solves cases in Tudor times.
    Being a cheapskate I ordered it in from the Library only 75p lol!

  3. I'm still working through my Agatha Christie collection for the umpteenth time - but I have an ever-growing stack of other books that I want to read when I'm through with Poirot!