Monday, 14 February 2011

What are you reading???

After reading the Legacy I was keen to carry on with my reading but I haven't done very well! I borrowed a book from a 13 year old at the end of last year and decided I should read and return it to him, in case he had given it up for lost!

Do you ever read children's books? I do! I have read all the Harry Potter books, all the Twilight set and have started to re read the Narnia series. The book I finished a few days ago is another in a series. Several years ago I read an article that said if you liked Harry Potter we recommend you try Alex Rider.

Alex Rider is a school boy and a spy. After his parents died he went to live with his uncle who worked in a bank, only it wasn't a bank it was MI5 and they recruited Alex at the earliest opportunity. Trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes and he has had some amazing adventures around the world and I have enjoyed them all.

Crocodile Tears starts off in Scotland and ends up in Kenya. Yet again Alex is fighting evil often in isolation relying on his wits and intimate knowledge of marshal arts. He is given some great gadgets appropriate for a pubescent spy, I loved the explosives disguised as gel pens! It is an easy read that is fun with some really interesting scenarios and I enjoyed it.

I have a huge pile of must read books and haven't started any of them yet, I am trying to decide which one! So watch this space to see what I am reading next Monday In the meantime visit Book Journey and see what everyone else is currently reading xxx

ps Happy valentines day everyone!

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  1. We really enjoy the one and only Alex Rider film - it's a good adventure for the whole family and we recommend it!