Wednesday 16 February 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

isn't this the best image for today??? I was so happy to find it on Ms Kitty's Online Purrs
Obviously I had to make the most of it after yesterdays totally fed up post and try and think of some Wednesday Happy Thoughts......

1. There are some really lovely cyber friends out there, I really, really appreciated how many of you took time to leave me a message and I hope I have got round to replying to you all xxx
2. I have a great family and a supportive hubby who is there for me
3. I have set the wheels in motion to try and bring about some changes, not gonna say too much just yet but will keep you updated as time goes on
4. It's half term next week and I get the chance to have a whole week off with the children and will probably see my parents and sister and catch up with some friends...yipppeeee!
5. Spring is definitely trying to break through, there are crocuses (?sp) blooming everywhere, bulbs coming up and I have my favourite flowers brightening my world in a vase on the mantlepiece (daffodils!!)

I am off to fat club tonight so will be with friends, then coming home early to watch Bones and do some card crafting so a great evening planned. Wishing you all a happy thought on this Wednesday xxx


  1. thanks for the happy thoughts :c)
    There's something on my blog for you xx

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling more positive today...and love that image you found.

  3. Yay, spring is round the corner! I honestly think this is a really carp time of year where it feelsthe winter will never end but the crocuses you saw are proof that spring is coming so will the lighter morning/nights, warmer weather etc. So glad to read you are feeling a bit better today, wish I could just pop round to yours for a cuppa, a problem shared is a problem halved, remember that xxx

  4. You sound more up-beat today. I'm glad - it's horrible to feel down in the dumps and be unable to shift it. Great that you've managed to find so many Happy Thoughts to cheer you (and us) up!
    I like the picture you found for the top of your post - so pretty.
    And "Crocuses" looks ok to me - as do the crocuses that are coming out in our garden - yellow and white ones, so pretty!

  5. love the image you found! Happy to see that you feel more positive today! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great visit with your friends and I envy you the crocuses blooming...Ours are still under four feet of snow :(

  6. Lovely to read such up-beat thoughts this morning! Hope you have a lovely relaxing and renergising week.