Friday 25 February 2011

rocking my world Friday

What a great Friday! Definitely rocked my world today! Check out Celtic House to see what rocked for everyone else today.

9 of us headed off to the beach, the weather was fairly mild, dry and we're British so we went to the sea side because we are on holiday! There was mud, which DD got stuck in, was pulled over by DS 'helping,' then DS dropped my bag in the mud so I was rather fed up with muckiness and it was a bit stinky and seemed to be everywhere! We managed to clean up fairly well thanks to lots of hot water and tissues!!

There was a great fish restaurant

that is Hubby's seafood platter.... huge! Can you recognise any of the seafood??? note to self I don't like cockles, they taste sandy!

There was a shingle beach with shells, ice cream, and pastel beach huts!

I love days out with the family, 3 generations, away from the normal everyday grind, enjoying fresh air and fun company! I have had a great time, it is brillant to be off with the children sharing in the half term madness!


  1. Sounds like you are having fun despite the mud! Love the photo of the beach huts - would make a lovely card or base for a scrapbook page. x

  2. Beautiful pics and sounds like a lovely day had by all. I wish we lived nearer the beach, I love to hear and smell the sea, does wonders for the soul I think x

  3. I live near the sea....and love it any time of the year.....those beach huts are really cool.