Tuesday 11 September 2012

More scavenger photos

These photos were all collected locally................

Number 13 inside my local library

Number 4 featuring me in a roadside stall 'tuck shop' fundraising for scouts

this is the Golden Angel on top of Guildford Cathedral for number 8. It is fifteen feet high and weighs over a ton and was given in memory of a young soldier killed in 1944

Number 18 a movie poster for the latest Spiderman film that DS and I watched in 3D

Number 15 shows several people dancing including DS at his year 6 leavers disco

Number 2 a clothesline in my garden one of the first days of our summer when we could hang washing out (although we are having great weather now)


  1. Lovely shots - I'm shocked that I've never seen that angel in Guildford - probably because we're always just driving through! Poor DS with his cast at the disco :o(
    I was washing and drying *pillows* in last week's hot spell!

  2. Great shots for the scavenger hunt!

  3. I have 3 of those 6 left to take. Must get a shifty on.

  4. These are so fun - love the angel and the library, especially.

  5. I love the angel you included for your scavenger hunt.