Sunday 9 September 2012

Scavenging for photos

I have been meaning to blog more of my photographs from Rinda,s Summer Scavenger Hunt
these are the ones I found whilst on holiday in Cyprus.................

Number 17 there were so many churches in Cyprus and I really loved them, but I finally settled on this one as it also had the flag flying outside

Number 16 A bride, I am hoping that this photo will be accepted as a nun is a bride of Christ and this one made me smile as she sat texting.

Number 12 A trail that I tried to follow as far as I could down to the salt lake but it was so hot and the rest of the family were waiting in the air conditioned car so I turned round and headed back!

Finally a fountain for Number 9, found in the mountain town of Platres that resembled an alpine resort in temperatures of 33 degrees hard to believe that people really ski here in the winter!

Number 11 A shadow photo of the family that includes one of Elliot's crutches

Number 6 a historical landmark. This is a view of Aphrodite's Rock, where legend has it that Aphrodite emerged from sea foam, it is known as her birthplace and is probably the most famous 'historical' landmark on the whole Island.


  1. Super, super shots - I especially love your bride! :)

  2. Great photos - I haven't posted any yet - must get my self into gear!

  3. The bride/nun is fabulous! I also really like the fountain.

  4. Great photos - I especially like the trail & shadow. What a fantastic interpretation of the bride prompt.

  5. I like the bride very much. It looks like a picture from a travel magazine!

  6. Hi Ruth ~ What a great set of photos! The bride made me laugh, and I LOVE your shadow photo! Well done.

    I hope you are doing ok. I'm thinking of you and your family! xo

    ~ Deb

  7. Great take on the bride - but your shadow shot is a cracker - poor Elliot - how is he getting on?