Sunday 2 September 2012

Story telling Sunday September 2012

it is September, time to return to school, return to learning.

I hope to Learn Something New Every Day with Shimelle

Some of these new things may include:-
  • learning a new routine as DS moves from Primary to Seconday school
  • learning how to be an organised housewife in 20 days (I suspect it might take me a whole lot longer!!!)
  • learning what some of the changes will be at work and how they will affect my job
  • learning to cope with my Dad's latest diagnosis and prognosis
I think September might be the start of a steep learning curve in the roller-coaster of life!!

Today I have joined in with Story Telling Sunday brought to you by the letter S ...... Sian From High in the Sky


  1. Great roller coaster photo to illustrate all the ups & downs of the learning curves you'll be encountering this month!

  2. Hey Ruth, I'm thinking of you and yours! Feel free to email me if you need to vent. I'll be praying for your dad's well being and for your strength and grace. xo

  3. Good luck to you this month.

  4. Phew! September sounds the craziest of months for you. Hope it all goes well. Love the photograph you sourced. Irene

  5. That's a photo to make us stop and think..

    ..and you have given me a new idea. Next year we could think about doing letters as themes!

    I'll be thinking of yoy through September. And beyond..

  6. Hi hunny, we need a catch up .... if I get chance tonight I'll PM you on fb, if not I should have some time free tomorrow morning :)

    Thanks for the 20day link, looks interesting & have signed up myself.

  7. Sounds like a stressful September - hope things go more smoothly than you think.

  8. Sounds like you have lots to think about during September. Hope it all goes well, and sorry to hear about your Dad.
    You left a comment saying your parents live in my area. Hope you got to see the Olympic cycle sculptures when you visited last, and if you have time next visit, let me know and perhaps we can meet for a quick coffee!

  9. Good luck with your goals - sending you hugs :o)

  10. Gosh, sounds like a full on month! Best of luck in your goals and those big changes.

  11. How are you going with the 20 Day Challenge? :) I've been really motivated so far, but today was so busy that I've fallen slightly behind now...

    All the best with the work situation x

  12. Hope you remain positive with what sounds a stressful time ahead of you.