Wednesday 12 September 2012

The final scavenger photos

The final photos were all found here and there..........

Number 10 a horse and his friend at the Olympic park

Number 3 a border, a great view across the Olympic park demonstrating some of the wonderful landscaping of the grounds including the flower borders.

Number 19 an outdoor stairway, I found several of these during the summer but decided to use another Olympic photo as the Olympics were such a highlight for me. I think the above photo and this are probably interchangeable as there are staircases and flower borders in both of them!

When we arrived at Waterloo en route to the Olympics it was raining then but brightened up for us later in the day but it was a perfect shot for number 5 a train

Finally number 1 a picture of a pier, taken near Weymouth in Dorset.

I have totally loved this scavenger photo hunt, it has been excellent fun. I also found the 2 substitute items. I picked up a beautiful heart shaped stone on the beach in Cyprus as I thought I would never find a bride or fountain and I found a four leaf clover ..... sticker, but I didn't take any pictures as I had completed my hunt for 21 Summer Photos (I did keep the heart shaped stone though!!)

thank you thank you thank you Rinda xxx


  1. Love your train photo Ruth - the Olympic Park looks amazing - well done on completing the hunt

  2. I've been loving the different "groupings" of pictures we've been seeing. You know, sets from a holiday or an event - and an Olympic set is a fine way to commemorate the summer. Lovely

  3. I love how this took me back to the Olympics. Would love to see the heart shaped stone some time.

  4. You took some great photographs for the Scavenger Hunt. I really like the one's you took at the Olympic stadium. You really captured the size of it.