Tuesday 22 December 2009

advent day 21 and 22

I apologise for my slowness at updating on the advent activites but we are just too busy here enjoying the season to get online and write about it!!

I had to work 21st December and Andrew looked after the children and his advent activity with them was to give them a new snowboarding game for the Wii! Now everyone is experiencing life in the mountains except me! Work was actually fairly busy, not sure why people were travelling in to the clinic when there was a severe weather warning in force not to mention Christmas only a few days away!

I only have one present left to open from Oona and it is a real big one so I think I am meant to keep it until Christmas Eve as it has got to be 4 or 5 dyas worth of present there! So the present I got from K was....some fabulous Halloween stickers

then today i got this amazing calendar that K had created with photos I had taken! That snowman was made in the nieghbours garden in february when we had really heavey snow and noone could get to school or work! TQ again xxx

Today the elf brought the children a mini Christmas scrapbook each so we'll have to print off some pictures so they can keep their own memories stored from this Christmas.

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