Tuesday 1 December 2009

Advent swop 1

Way back in the summer Choccy, Sylphraven and I decided to do an advent swop. We are all Christmas nutters and had met online on MSE and become friends and comrades in celebrating both Christmas and crafts (especially card making). We met up at the NEC in November and exchanged presents. It had been great fun collecting 24 gifts for them from many different places and I look forward to finding out what they think of them all. I have only looked at my presents for the first time today and it is soo exciting!
So today was the first day of Advent and therefore the first present and this was mine from Choccy. Really useful and she obviously knows I need some organising!Sylph's first present already has pride of place on my kitchen door and I can only guess that it took ages as there are so many extra little details that my photo' sadly does not show.

Thanks so much and I am really excited about opening something everyday from you xxx

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