Tuesday 22 December 2009

To do list

I recently discovered a fabulous blog 'I speak Melsh' and it really is like coming home when I read it! I am so grateful to have found it thanks to kate at Liberty Cottage . I also found ScrappyJacky, they are just great blogs to read go have a look!

Anyway I have blatantly plagiarized this post stright from on 'I speak Melsh' as I realised I was in a similar predicament with things to do!

Things I have to do before bedtime on Christmas Eve
Buy a turkey (yep how bad is that I don't even have one yet whoops!)
Buy some fresh sprouts (I accidentaly ordered just 3 sprouts in my online shop!)
Make Christmas Cookies
Tidy up
Remove all craft stuff from Dining Room table as we need to eat there!
Clean Bathrooms
Change Bedding
Make mulled wine
Entertain 6 families on Christmas Eve
Give the Children their Christmas Eve hamper
Defrost stuffing
Make Reindeer food for my Children and for Christmas Eve guests
Sort Christmas eve gifts for guests
leave out reindeer food and Santa's snacks
Make pot of gold for neice
Marzipan and Ice Christmas cake
Hang childrens stockings
Fill Stockings
Organise Santa presents downstairs (just like Mel!)

And there was I getting smug that I didn't have too much to do... HO ho ho!!!

How are you doing?? Go on show me your list I dare you even if it is just to make me feel better!

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