Wednesday 30 December 2009

Still in the festive spirit... just!

We have had such a wonderful Christmas at the house of CCA pig! I think we all just about made it onto the 'nice list' this year as we had so many wonderful gifts. Molly got just one present in her santa sack (after opening her stocking upstairs with us) and it was an Ipod Touch with speakers and she was soooo pleased as she thought it was beyond Father Christmas's reach (she is sadly now a non believer but keeps the secret and the magic for Elliot and Me!). Elliot got numerous things for the Wii which were top of his list in his letter to Santa (we have never ever had a reply to any Santa letters we have sent, shame!) so he was happy too. Hubby had lots of goodies including a new chopping board that came in very handy with the turkey and of course lots of new pairs of socks! What did I get?? Well, several crafty items, including a ticket to the Stitch and Creative Craft Show in January. But the big one was four tickets to the X Factor Live show at the O2 Arena in London!!! Woop woop woop!! Yep how sad am I, as I am excited tho not sure how I feel about seeing Jedward!

I really love being with the family at Christmas it is the highlight of the holidays for me. After a busy Chrsitmas Eve with all our friends, we had a quiet Christmas Day just the 4 of us (and the cat of course!). Elliot and I actually stayed in our Christmas PJ's all day, well that was a real treat and it was only us. I didn't even make a phone call and Hubby cooked so it was the most relaxing day for me! We even chilled out in front of the TV and fav family viewing was Dr Who, though I also really enjoyed the Royle Family and Nan's Christmas Carol (Catherine Tate is so talented in my opinion)
We still have all the decorations up, the lights outside, the 3 trees inside, Christmas towels in bathrooms and kitchen, and Christmas knicknacks in every room in the house. We definitely see Chistmas as more than just one day and keep in the festive spirit right up until 12th night if we can. We have watched so many Christmas films together, eaten whatever and hardly left the house (Elliot has had a few more Jammy days!)
Sadly I have to return to work tomorrow and this is going to be really hard for me tearing myself away from the relaxed, happy atmosphere of home but someone's got to do it.

So how is the Festive Spirit in your house? Are your decorations still up? Any presents still under your tree?


  1. I have those light up presents but in gold and cream!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year furry x

  2. Sounds like your Christmas has been fantastic. We've been out and about quite a lot and are pretty tired but had a lovely time being together xxx