Thursday 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Wow just one more sleep to go!! I think I am just about ready tho will go and check a list in a few minutes just to make sure!

I had a great day at work as it was quiet, we all brought in nibbles and we finished early!

Got home and hubby had cooked Jamie Olivers 5 hour lamb and it was fantastic yum yum!
Then we all got ready for our annual and very casual drinks with friends, a kind of 'open house' with 5 families coming over just for a few hours. We had kids tracking santa on Norad, kids playing on the ol' xbox upstairs (amid the empty boxes of Christmas decorations!), kids playing truth or dare in the kitchen whilst the mulled wine slowly simmered and gave off the most Christmassy of aromas mmmm it is a wonderful season! The adults all chatted in the lounge and nibbled on crisps and mince pies. As they left we gave everyone a small bag of Christmas presents and along with a 'real present' this is what each family got....

I got these ideas from other people's blogs and I thought they were really sweet so have used them for my guests in their Christmas Eve 'party bags'!!

Then after everyone had left we gave the children their Christmas eve hamper

choccie coins and santas, candy floss (santas's beard), reindeer food, a christmas book each, a new pair of pyjamas each, some toiletires, some more toiletries, white hot choccy powder (from Whittards and very tasty), marshmallows, a santa key and a santa plate. They were so pleased with everything and so excited. We all had showers and got changed into our Christmas PJ's and put Elf DVD on. The funniest thing was Elliot who said 'I am going to bed now as then it will be tomorrow and tomorrow is Christmas'

Happy Christmas everyone xxx


  1. What a wonderful idea to give your children, it really makes christmas eve special xx

  2. Love the way you spent your xmas eve....and the kid's hamper is a great idea.