Friday 5 February 2010

12x12's, penicillin and a bottle of red

Another couple of days of my life that have passed by unblogged!
Wednesday was my day off so I decided to carry on with trying to sort out some of my crafty stash so I could organise a little more of my crafty space! So I bravely took on all the 12 x 12's...
I didn't actually choose most of these papers, again the majority came from mystery parcels so I have several repeats and many I may never use! I so wish I had some local scrappy friends that I could swop with (or just give them away!!). I have organised them roughly according to colour or manufacturer depending how many of a 'set' that I had.
I am already thinking I should have just done it differently. I actually have hardly any 12 x 12 card and I think I am gonna need a load if I carry on this scrapbooking malarkey. Do you scrap onto card or onto paper?? should I be investing in lots of card in multi-colours or just a few key colours?? HELP!!
DD has been poorly and on inspection into the oro-pharangeal area it looks like tonsilitis. She is now on antibiotics and feeling much better 35/365
Tonight is the start of the weekend and I was given a choice...which one...
Well, as I said it is the weekend and I have cause to celebrate as I did well in fat club last night. I lost.......... wait for it.................7lbs this week!!!! So now I am xx stone 13 lbs!! I have decided the weight I am aiming for is 13lbs away (haven't been that weight for many years). Then I will be well within healthy weight limits with a fab BMI (I am almost into the healthy range for my height but not quite!!!) So continue to (weight) watch this space!!
Must go, I have some Pinot Noir to scoff.......


  1. I scrap onto paper & card, just depends what colour/style etc goes best :)

  2. Sorry DD is poorly hope she gets well again soon.Very well done on your weight loss! Brill result for a week. No idea about scrap books - sorry

  3. Well done! Good for you :-)

    Sorry to hear about DD - glad she's starting to feel better x

    Personally I tend to scrap onto cardstock - the layouts are more durable - so I have a good stock of basic colours (plenty of white!) I do occasionally scrap onto paper though, and put into an album with a cardstock page backed onto it to keep the paper straight. Hope that helps x

  4. Woohoo well done on your weight loss x

  5. So sorry your DD is poorly, hope she gets much better quickly!
    Huge well done on your weight loss and hope you enjoyed your Pinot Noir, very well deserved I think!!!

  6. I mainly scrap onto theory buying multipacks of card is much cheaper,BUT, I find there are certain colours I use a lot of, and some I rarely use, so it may be better to buy individually or in colour packs.
    Have you thought of selling your excess papers on Ebay....or a craft Forum like Craftbubble have a 'swap shop'.

  7. wow 7lbs in 1 week that is amazing!

  8. Well done on the reorganisation. I scrap onto card - but never seem to have the right colour!! One of my aims for this year is to use up some of my older stash - not doing too badly so far.