Monday 8 February 2010

TV Choices

On Saturday I was totally lacking in inspiration for a project 365 picture and was just sat in front of the television flicking through the channels. Sometimes you can have too many choices and TV is now like this! Over 100 channels (I suspect having never counted them!) and nothing to watch.
There are actually several programmes I really love and I am a bit of an addict for certain American dramas. I love all the CSI's (original, Miami [apparently most watched TV show in the world], New York...are there any more?), Numbers (anyone watch this one?), Heroes (not so keen on this series but persevering for now), Bones (waiting for the next series), Gray's Anatomy (don't know anyone else who watches this one), Desperate Housewives (initially loved this then stopped watching for a whole season but back into it again and very excited that the lovely John Barrowman of Captain Jack/Torchwood fame will be making a guest appearance soon!!!!). I recently discovered Glee, which is so appealing to me as a secret fan of the whole Disney HSM thing and this is kindof a grown up version I guess!

I do watch some of our homegrown talent too and we do produce some amazing dramas. I am enjoying the second series of Being Human, can't seem to get enough of Vampires (I loved True Blood too much!!, have read all the Twighlight series, camp Edward for me and I have dabbled in Vampire Diaries .... undecided re this series just yet!). I also have to watch Silent Witness (though sadly just finished the current series) and for a complete change of pace, the Hairy Bikers.

Then of course there are programmes that I am forced to watch due to the tastes of others in my household... Top Gear, QI, Mock the Week, University Challenge, Total Wipeout, the Krypton Factor, H2O, Pokemon, to name but a few (some of these I actually quite like but I will leave you guessing as to which ones!)

Overall my TV tastes are a bit like my tastes in life generally.........totally Eclectic! Although I am not currently a fan of any of the British Soaps, I have been in the past but with my addictive personality it is best not to start all that business up again as there are just not enough hours in the day. I like to fast forward through a craft show and look for ideas for papercrafting or new products. I have as yet never made a TV craft purchase.... have you? I do have a weakness for Reality type TV programmes and although I have finally weaned myself off Big Brother (finally!) I still love theother 'competition' shows like X Factor, American Idol, Strictly come Dancing, so You Think You Can Dance and Got to Dance etc etc.

So after talking you through everything that features on my Sky +, what better to take a picture of than the all important remote control (though we actually have 2!


  1. Have to agree that it's amazing with so many channels....that there's often nothing worth watching!!
    Love CSI...there's the Vegas one as well....Bones is great....also like Law and also sorry that Silent Witness finishing...but Lost is back on Fridays....and DD and I are total addicts.
    But have to admit I hate reality TV....and never watch it.

  2. It's interesting to see what others watch - I don't often get chance to see the US progs but have watched Grey's Anatomy in the past. I love Silent Witness but what was all that S African stuff in aid of? A bit too far fetched for me....
    No soaps in this house either.

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