Wednesday 10 February 2010

Fitter and thinner??

As you know I am back on the wagon, attempting to eat more healthily, cut out sweets, chocs and all the other goodies in order to lose some weight! I actually do not believe in completely stopping all the things you most enjoy. It doesn't seem natural to me somehow and I do think that 'a little of what you fancy does you good', but whilst I am highly motivated I am trying to be good most of the time!

I regularly read Di Hickman's blog, she lives in the USA but I think she is from the UK originally. I read her blog primarily to see what craftiness she is involved in, but she also shares her thrift shop finds, her life and her amzing fitness. Anyway last week she was discussing calorie counting and recommended If you look at the site you can go to 'my plate' and work out how many calories are in your daily life! Very interesting but not sure I can actually complete it every day!
Another tip was that you shouldn't really lose more than 1% of your weight each week so you can work out how many calories are eaten and how many are used excersising on the website too. I lost 7lbs last week, which was a great shock and I don't think I will have lost that much this week, but will let you know tomorrow after the 'weigh in'. I am aiming to lose about 2lbs a week maximum and plan to start having 'treats' at the weekend!

This week I have also attempted some excersise! I am not keen on the gym, too self conscious for a 'class' and rather inept at swimming (unless it's the doggy paddle!). But I do enjoy walking, so on Monday I got up and walked DS to school which took about 25mins, then returned home on foot. I was a little unprepared as it actually started to snow and I really wanted to capture the dark grey moody sky in sharp contrast to the delicate fragile snowflakes but my photographic skills are just not up to it but I did remember the camera!
I have also walked to school again today and shall do the same on Friday so will have fitted some excersise in this week, but only as I have not been at work everyday. I find it hard to find time to do walking though we do get out together as a family most weekends. Hopefully over half term (next week) we will manage a few walks as we are all off together (so may not be much blogging!!). Do you do any excersise? What do you do?? How do you fit it into your busy lifestyle??


  1. Good for you! :-) I agree that denying yourself everything is actually more likely to lead to defeat; better to have the occasional treat and really enjoy it than feel guilty about it and as if you've 'failed'.

    Well done on the exercise, that's something I'm really not that great at.... I do try to walk to the library, the local shops etc, but I nearly always drive the kids to and from school when it is (just) within walking distance. When the weather improves I shall try to walk at the end of the day at least, but I can't see it happening at the beginning - we're always running late!

  2. Walking is such good excercise.....but it's a time thing isn't it.....we all lead such busy's easier to jump in the car with only minutes to spare.....but I definately need to try and walk more as well.

  3. Not having a car helps with walking, lol, though I do now apt to get shopping delivered, this may change in september with Kai going to nursery & I may get a little fitter.