Wednesday 24 February 2010

Isle of Wight part 3

Monday started very early with DS coming into our room and telling us in great detail about his vommiting!! So a long night for me keeping a close eye on him so we were very tired all day. At least he got to crash out on the sofa.
Photograph 46/365

By Shrove Tuesday all was well and we started the day with pancakes for breakfast, complete with very impressive tossing from DH, we all had lemon and sugar my favourite!
After eating our fill of yumminess we headed to Dinosaur Isle in Sandown. The weather was pretty awful and this was inside and we spent time studying all the exhibits. It was really interesting, the kids got really involved studying the exhibits and asking questions, who knows maybe we have a budding paleontologist on our hands!Photograph 47/365
We were so keen to learn more that on Wednesday morning we went back to Sandown to meet with a real 'dinosaur man' and go on a 'Fossil Walk'. We did find some fossils of fish bones, shells and worm casts but we were disappointed not to find the thigh bome of an Iguanodon! A picture of my feet amongst fossils
and a view of the sandy, wet, windswept beach creating an amazing pattern

Photograph 48/365

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  1. Great action pic of the pancake in mid flight!! Jaqui x