Thursday, 11 February 2010

The biggest loser

I blogged about a whole variety of TV programmes I watch the other day but missed out one of my current favs...

I am totally in awe of the 'biggest loser USA- couples', being shown on sky real lives at 4am! I cannot believe how hard these people work to lose weight with really major gym work outs and scarily hard challenges. They are also often quite coniving with some major game playing going on! It gets very heated and very emotional with tears in every episode (I often shed a few myself!)

There are some great hints and tips and I do find it very motivational in my 'getting healthier' crusade. I went to 'Fat Club' tonight for my weekly weigh in and I lost 1lb??!! After my 7lb loss last week I wasn 't expecting as much but I have been pretty good this week. My aim is to try to lose 2lbs a week if possible. Next week will be hard as it's half term and the whole family is going to be off school/work. We will be having treats, fun, days away and trips out totally out of routine, so I expect to put weight on. Will have to wait 2 weeks for my next weigh in as we are away next Thursday!


  1. I think when you lose so much one week it tends to even out the no need for despondancy.

  2. I'm sure running round playing with your family, as well as walks to admire the beautiful scenery will help with your weight loss. Have a few healthy snacks prepared so you can just grab them while everyone else grabs crisps etc & make sure these healthy snacks are things you enjoy eating, maybe some exotic fruit, homemade blueberry muffins etc.

  3. P.S... is that the show that they get paid to lose weight? Money would probably be the best motivator for me to lose weight as well, shame no-ones offering me any, lol.

  4. Hang on, are you watching TV at 4am?!

    A small loss often follows a big one even when you are being good, so don't feel discouraged :-) Good luck next week - enjoy half term! x