Tuesday 2 February 2010

Boots and stuff

I ended up working for 11 hours yesterday as someone was off sick. I was so tired when I came home that after my shower I could not face going to book club so my social life was a bit of a wash out!! On the plus side whilst at work one of the Docs asked what size feet I had then after I replied handed me a package containing....

these are 'Blundstones' from Australia (also where the Dr is from). I actually wore them for half my time at work to see how they felt and they felt great. Whilst chatting to a patient I asked if he had any questions and he asked if my boots were comfy!!! Will definitely be keeping these though not sure if I will continue to wear them for work!

This evening I was rather lacking in inspiration and hadn't taken 33/365 so decided to snap some of the scrummy risotto that Oh had cooked for our dinner.


  1. Sorry - it might have tasted yummy but I prefer the pic of your new boots!

  2. Both of these look great.....I love boots and risotto.

  3. Ooh, I likey your boots muchly! What size are they? (How nosey am I?! Sorry!)

    Dinner looks yum too :-) Food is an essential part of 365, as my own project shows....

  4. mmmmmm, I might have to make some risotto tonight after seeing that

  5. Hi thanks for visiting my blog. the tote you asked about came from this shop my house
    however as it's an island shop :) the designer is Gisela Graham there is plenty of her stuff on ebay :)

  6. Those boots are fab, lucky you!